Time to Pray

When the cares of life are heavy
And we sink beneath the load
And our weary feet have halted
On the rough and stony road

When we think that life is useless
And we fear to carry on
Lest we loose all since of courage
Long before our race is won.

Then’s the time that we should hasten
To turn aside awhile to pray,
Bring our cares to Jesus only
At His feet, our burdens lay.

When our earthly friends forsake us
And our heart with pain is sore
It is then that we need comfort
So just trust Jesus all the more.

He’s a friend who’s ever near us
He will our cares and burdens share,
He’s a friend, who’ll not forsake us,
He’s a friend who is ever there.

– by Calista Gregg Jones

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