The Pearly White City

There’s a holy and beautiful city.
Whose builder and ruler is God;
John saw it descending from heaven
When Patmos in exile he trod.
Its high massive wall is as jasper.
The City itself is pure gold;
And when My frail tent here is folded.
Mine eyes shall its glory behold.

In that bright City, Pearly white City.
I have a mansion, a harp and a Crown.
Now I am watching, waiting and longing,
For the white City John saw coming down.

No sin is allowed in that City
And nothing defiling nor mean.
No pain and no sickness can enter,
No crape in that City is seen.
Earth sorrows and Cares are forgotten,
No tempter is there to annoy,
No parting words ever are spoken,
There’s nothing to Hurt and destroy.

No heart aches are known in that City.
No tears ever moisten the eye,
There’s no disappointment in heaven
No envy and strife in the sky.
The saints are all sanctified wholly,
They live in sweet harmony there;
My heart is now set on that City,
Some day its blessings I’II share.

My loved ones are gathering yonder,
My friends are fast passing away.
Soon I may join their bright number,
And dwell in eternity’s day;
They’re safe now in Glory with Jesus.
Their trials and battles are past;
They overcame sin and the tempter,
For they’ve reached that fair City at last.

– by Calista Gregg Jones

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