Our Baby

When God would do a gracious deed
to show the working of His powers
He plants beneath, a mother’s heart
the seed of a beautiful flower.

He waters it often with a mother’s tear
sometimes with a drop of His blood
for it is buried deep in this loving soil
guarded always by the eye of God.

As the tiny seed grows, in this fertile soil
the heart of the mother grows warm
at the thought of this gracious, wonder-to-be
prays for God to protect them from harm.

God hears the prayer of this mother-to-be
a smile of love beams on His face
as He whispers soft “Loving heart be at rest
for I will protect this seed near your breast.”

Ever long in the hush of the quiet morn
while the world is still asleep God calls
and low: From near this mothers heart
a beautiful baby is born.

With this baby, God has trusted to your care
has come to your home to stay
may it bring loads of joy to your loving heart
this baby that we honor today.

– by Calista Gregg Jones

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