Left Outside

In fancy I stood at the beautiful gates
And awaited my turn to pass in.
I held in possession a pass card which read ­-
“The bearer is cleansed from all sin”
The card had been signed with the red blood of Christ
With the date when the deed was all done
Which gave me a right to an entrance up there.
Because t’was endorsed by God’s Son.

I thought of the questions I’d carried for years
I might ask when I stood face to face.
With him who had died upon Calvary’s Cross.
That I might be saved by His Grace.
For life had not always dealt kindly with me.
I had made up my mind to find out
Just why t’was my lot to have suffered so here.
Yes – to find out what it was all about.

But as I stood waiting my turn to pass thru,
Enter with the glad happy throng,
I found that my questions were leaving me fast
I could not find any thing WRONG;
For looking ahead and beyond the vast throng
The face of my, Savior was there,
And as soon as I saw Him I knew all was well.
And that I had lost all of my care.

It seemed, though, He must have known full what I
Had so long thought, I wanted to know.
And that I’d determined to bring all to Him.
And to find out just why it was so.
He smiled down upon me and said, “Now MY Child.
Just ask every question you will.
I’ll give you the answer-come speak and fear not;”
But my tongue seemed, for once, to be still.

And when I had found it, I smiled back at Him
Bursting forth into glad happy tears,
He wiped them away with His dear nail-scarred hands,
And gone was the memory of years.
I spoke, then, and said: “There is nothing, dear Lord
That seems now to trouble my mind.
For somehow – as soon as I entered those gates
I just left every burden behind.”

Of course this was only a ‘vision (or dream)
But this lesson, I learned —- So sweet-­
It is only the mortal that craves so to know
The mysteries that seem incomplete.
But when we have entered the bright pearly gates
We will then be so well satisfied.
Like me, in my dream, we may look for our woes
But we’ll ‘find we have left them OUTSIDE.

– by Calista Gregg Jones

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