A Poem

As I sit here scratching my head
Trying to think of something to write
Say but; my thot’s are all jumbled
But I’ll just scratch hard and sit tight.

Hurrah; I have it, give me room
While I dash off a sentence or two
Maybe you think these poems come easy
But wait, I’ll tell you about it when I’m through

Poem—The full moon shone on the lake
The wind in the trees heaved high
I cleared my throat to voice my thoughts
When over my head, came a terrible cry.

The way I sprang to my feet wasn’t slow
The girl by my side started to scream
I grabbed her hand, we started to run
T’was then I discovered we’d make a great team.

For she could run as fast as I.
She clung to my hand like a leech
We rushed to her dad to tell him the news
For by now the cry was an awful screech.

Her dad only laughed, and said with a scowl
It was well my color I’d shown
For the terrible cry which we had heard
Was only the screech of an owl —

There you have it a poem it is
Maybe it doesn’t all rhyme true
But I really have worked hard for it
And now I guess I’m through.

– by Calista Gregg Jones

Written for Edward by mom

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