The 5 Spices + 2 Issue

So many spices!
So many spices!

I am not a gourmet cook. I consider myself just a fair cook. I generally follow a recipe with maybe a few tweaks here and there. No one’s suffered from my cooking (or at least they’ve never said so). My meat loaf . . . well, that’s a story between my daughters and me. It should remain that way, I’m sure.

Our new travel trailer space is much more limited than it was in the 5th wheel. Creative methods are needed to provide both the tools and ingredients to continue cooking the same way that I have all these years. Nick might want an improvement or at least a change in my cooking, but that’s one of those hard things to change. So for now, it remains the same.

So, I arrived at the spice issue. If one could only take 5 spices for the next 5 or 6 months, what 5 spices to take? Those spice bottles aren’t that big, but finding space for them is limited. I don’t know why I thought 5 spices would be easy to choose, but it’s not! Does salt and pepper count? Actually, they should, but I’m not counting them. You’ve just got to have those 2! So, back to the question — what 5 spices + 2? Not an earth shattering problem, I know, but I’ve got to make that decision.

So began the Internet search. I was hoping there was a general consensus, but no. It’s all a matter of taste and lifestyle as to the necessary 5 spices. I asked people. Again, no “same” answer. I probably should have checked “what you need to have in your pantry lists”. I’m sure they would tell me. I know it all boils down to personal preference, but if you know me, you know my decision-making process, or lack thereof.


But then I remembered one company that bags their spices! Solution: I purchased small storage bags, and I am able to take many more spices. Not all my spices, but a lot more than 5 + 2. Bag labeling will also allow me to do a better job of discarding 6 month old spices, which everyone does regularly – not!

Life’s the same way, but in the end we only have 1 of 2 choices: heaven or hell? What’s your choice? Think about it, ask questions, read, whatever it takes to make that decision. You still have time and it’s one decision you want to make.

Boo with Nick


IMG_0282 (Copy)We have a changed porch view. We’ve gotten a new travel trailer. Just part of the changes in our lives, mine in particular. I had problems with the extra steps in the 5th wheel, so we downsized to a shorter (by 8 feet) travel trailer. We also didn’t need the larger storage capacity of the 5th wheel, because we don’t have to carry all we own with us. Some will remain in the house.

IMG_0280 (Copy)

We cancelled our work on 2 projects due to my health issues, and traveled here with plans to set up our new house and head to ID for the June/July project. I received physical therapy for my back and knee, but things took longer than expected, plus another fall lengthened my recovery.  As a result of the change, we got to experience the epic rains of Texas. At one point our new house was surrounded by water, but none of it entered the house or the shed, which sits much lower. I have been through a few hurricanes, but they don’t last for the month that Texas had rain. It was so wonderful to see blue sky and sun again! Unfortunately lives were lost and others were changed forever with these rains and storms.

IMG_0267 (Copy)

Change. Change can be good or bad, depending on the person and how it is handled, in addition to what the change itself entails. It can be hard, though. There is no denying that. I used to vigorously resist change (some would say I still do). Many people do. Maybe it’s my older years, but I feel my deepening relationship with Christ helps me experience change a little easier. Jesus asks for change in our lives. He expects it of us. No, I’m not saying that I always enjoy change. It depends on what the change is. I just find it a little easier to experience with the help of Jesus Christ, and that is such a good thing. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NASB): Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

If you haven’t already experienced the change of accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please seriously consider making that change. It will be the best change of your life!

Boo with Nick

Every day on this side of the grass is a wonderful day

I’m quite sure I plagiarized that from somebody. I just don’t remember who. But it was a profound enough statement that I’ve started using it on a regular basis.

Sometimes it’s very hard to agree with that statement. When our old (or young) bodies are wracked with pain for example. Or we’ve lost a loved one such as a child or spouse.  Or those times when financially we just don’t see how we can even buy groceries; and who even wants to think about the rent or mortgage payments. I’ve been in each of those situations and most of you reading this probably have been also.

When I’m really down I’ve started thinking about that statement though and start contemplating what makes being on this side of the grass so wonderful “today.” I can name several. I have a wonderful family (sons, grand daughters, brothers, sisters and all the others). I have great friends. I have a roof over my head (wherever I want to move it). I can afford to eat. I have the freedom to go and come as I please (still). What’s not wonderful about that. I’m sure you could also find wonderful things about your “today” if you just think about it.

Well, then I think about the OTHER side of the grass. Wow, let’s jump back to the previous side. Did I mention I can worship any God I want, how I want, when I want? Of course I choose Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. GOD!

Okay maybe you get the picture. But if I’m not on this side of the grass what does that mean. Two simple conclusions. I’m headed to Heaven; I’m headed to Hell. Well actually that process started on this side of the grass as well. How we live our lives will determine what our life will be like on the OTHER side of the grass. If I’ve lived my life for Jesus (and I don’t mean just in words, but a TRUE Christian life), my life is now GREATER. If I haven’t my life is MUCH, MUCH worse. Think about it.

Make sure you’re spending your time on this side of the grass livng for Jesus so that you can have a truly great and wonderful time when you’re “body” is on the OTHER side of the grass.

Until next time…

~May God’s blessings shower down on each of you~


Confessions of a gambler

Ah. Got your attention did I? It’s amazing the things that will grab our attention. A simple headline and we scoot off to check out the story behind it. Would you have had as much interest if the title had been “Confessions of a Christian”? Well maybe. Seems that’s what the world is looking for; something juicy to bash Christians about.

I was just musing (after all that is one of the reasons for this blog) about how we so easily get pulled away from the important things in our lives. I can easily be distracted by a picture of beautiful landscape scenes. I love pictures of the mountains and lakes and trees and can really get wrapped up in that. But I can easily skip right over a picture of a Christian scene. Do you have that problem?

How about music? Now I for one don’t give a lick about the modern take on music. I love the classics whether it be classical, big band or anything from the before the early 50’s. I’m also hooked on early Southern Gospel (four part harmony) or bluegrass. Therefore I seldom listen to any of the current music and skip right over it.

The bad part of these “preferences” is that I’m probably missing out on some great photographic interest or a song with a great Christian message.

I think the same thing can happen with our Christian life. We get so wrapped up in how it used to be and still want it to be that we overlook how it is and how it affects our lives today. I don’t go for most of the modern day inventions of a relationship with God. I believe in Hell. I believe not everyone is going to Heaven. But should I look for a church that is still locked into the 40’s or 50’s and overlook some of the vibrant, on fire, Holy Spirit filled churches?

So this really is a “Confession of a Christian” who is starting to push the realms of my expectations to a fuller and better relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord. I for one want to go to Heaven. And no I’m not a gambler. I want solid assurance of my salvation and my future in Heaven. Taking no gambles with that.

Until next time…

~May God”s blessings shower down on each of you~