Bow Down

We’re currently living in our rv.  Less than 200 square feet of living space! Some people couldn’t do it, but we find it comfortable and sufficient for us. Okay, when we’re both trying to get in our walking steps it definitely is hard, but otherwise we do just fine.

Yes, things are pared down to a minimum.  Our office supplies fit into a set of plastic drawers to give you an idea of how pared down we are. At home we each have a desk and a printer stand that holds our office supplies. Quite a difference. Clothing is a lot of repeated outfits and frequent laundry sessions, but we do just fine. Electronic devices hold lots of books and weigh so much less than the physical ones, but 2 books for sure always go with us-our personal Bibles. Yes, we have access again to a myraid number of translations, but especially for me, that personal Bible is filled with notes and underlining- things you can’t do in electronic ones as easily.

Where am I going with this one, you might wonder? Christmas decorations in an RV are minimal for the most part. We don’t have room to store a lot, and so decisions are made as to what to take and what not to take.  We have a string of 40 feet of lights, an olive wood nativity scene gotten in Jerusalem when I was much younger, a small porcelain nativity someone gave me long ago, a small lighted tree and two jingle bell door hangers my youngest made in school.

This morning as I was turning on the lights on our little Christmas tree, I noticed that Jesus was in His manger, but Mary and Joseph were bowing down beside Him. Yes, something had knocked them both down, but what went through my head at that moment was there will be a day we will all bow down to Jesus-every person who has ever lived and who is living and all those to come. Believers in Jesus Christ and those who do not believe. We will all bow down at the feet of Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:10-11 so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Just wondering, will you be one of those who willingly bow down or one of those whose heart is not willing to bow down?  It is your choice. I pray that you make the choice to choose Jesus as your Savior. It’s certainly going to make a difference in where you will spend eternity and how you bow down to Jesus Christ.

Have a very blessed Christmas!
Boo and Nick

And Yet More Changes

In Feb 2018 I wrote about changes in our lives. Yet again, we have changes in our lives.  But thIMG_2680en doesn’t everyone? Some changes you can prepare for, others just sneak up and you get through as best you can or the best choice, you lean on the Lord and get through the way He intended.

We spent most of 2018 in TX after a medical issue required I be there most of the time. I didn’t realize just how hot TX gets in the summertime. Days of over 100 degrees! Wow!  Talk about hot!  Walking up to the mailbox was blistering and just kinda sapped my energy.

How did and do people survive without air conditioning?  Your body adjusts, gets accustomed to it.  That’s what happened to me when I first moved to FL.  You get used to it.  Okay, when I lost power during hurricanes, I reverted back to not being used to it, I will admit.  But eventually your body gets acclimated to your environment.  Just one of God’s blessings on us!

By the time May 2019 had rolled around we were more than ready to leave and just waited to see one more doctor.  This one would determine whether we would leave or continue in TX. It was tough waiting, I will admit. I’d gotten my labs, and had one doctor’s diagnosis, but waited for the last one.


I was totally blindsided by this diagnosis. It wasn’t completely the opposite of the 1stone, but all my prepared questions were based on the first doctor’s diagnosis!  I stumbled through that visit and got my labs and prescription, and really had no idea what it was all about.  Talk about change! I have since educated myself (sort of) and have started the medication. And I continue to educate myself. It kinda connects some of the dots in my health history and gives some answers. Thank you, Lord. Change for me, for us.

So now our lives are being driven by increased doctors’ visit.  And we thought it was bad before.  It seems to be a negotiation process.  Doc says I want to see you in 3 months, and I say can’t because we won’t be here, so I hear make an appt for 3 months and if you can’t make it, reschedule. Negotiate. Be flexible. Change!

Change. Isn’t that where I started?  A few years ago I thought the Lord had decided no grandchildren for me. Health issues for one child and the other child just didn’t want children. She was adamant on that. Her husband, on the other hand, wanted children. So, they tried. Nope, not God’s will. So I continued with the mindset of no grandchildren for me. Nick yes, me no.

That was until I got the text from her saying “You gotta love God’s sense of humor.” I knew right away what she meant.

Thus began a journey of change, for her, for me, for my family. Big changes. My daughter’s heart has changed for this little girl in her life. Seeing her face as she holds her and loves on her is just wonderful and brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes (it’s because I’m old, right?). That is such a continual blessing to me. Plus holding this little girl in my arms, who’d have thought?  Certainly not me, but how wonderful it is. Nick hasn’t had his chance to hold her yet, but will. We were here to welcome her into this world, which wasn’t without serious health issues, but again, God heard our prayers.


So, changes again. Some expected, some not. Praise God! He truly is so good!  Everything is from Him and for His glory. James 1:17:  Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

And again, I would say, how do you handle changes in your life? Just wondering . . .