Christmas 2019

Christmas = Love

I originally posted this at Christmas 2011. I continue to see its relevance today. In 2019 we see that our nation as a whole has slipped further away from God. There are fewer churches, fewer pastors and fewer people seeking Christ, while at the same time there is a louder voice to silence the mere mention of Christ, God, Bible and church. However I continue to receive the same message from God through His  word; LOVE. God loved us so much… and still does. As Christ Followers we need to draw nearer, be stronger in our walk and bolder in our talk about God’s love through Christ our Lord.

Christmas. What is there about Christmas that divides the nation; even the world? I mean on the one hand you have the Christians who are claiming it’s the day we celebrate Christ’s birth. And on the other you have those who are only in it for the worldly view; partying, spending lots of money on things, getting and receiving (mostly receiving I think). The stores are definitely in it from the commercial standpoint. Even among Christians there is conflict over when Christ was actually born and so some Christians refuse to celebrate the day at all.

Then we have the many others in the world who don’t believe in Christ so certainly wouldn’t celebrate it for that reason, but even for the good that could/is part of Christmas they refuse to recognize. Giving. Giving to those in need. Give of oneself to help another. Those are very good things.

So we’ve been pretty much relegated to just celebrating a HOLIDAY. Yes for many it is just a holiday. A day off from work. Just like any other holiday.

Last time I checked it was still a documented fact that our country was founded on Christian beliefs and our government still recognized Christmas (though this is slowly eroding). Used to be you could go anywhere in the United States and be greeted with a hearty MERRY CHRISTMAS. People hustled around and decorated their houses (inside and out) and singing was everywhere. Carols were favorites. When’s the last time you heard a Christmas carol outside? Especially a Christian Christmas carol. Oh I know if you go to church you hear them there, well maybe not recognizable as the carols I used to sing. But on the streets? On radio stations? On TV? In stores? Not very often. Oh they do still exist out there. Just not very frequently.

So who decided we should wish Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I read an article just a few days ago that some branch (maybe all) of the government can’t even wish a Happy New Year anymore. And of course Merry Christmas is paramount to being arrested for something I’m sure.

I put a song up on my family website that goes along the lines of if you don’t see Merry Christmas in the window (speaking of a retail store) then you don’t go in that store. I don’t disagree with that but does that solve the bigger problem?

The problem as I see it isn’t just about Christmas. It’s about a decaying and putting away of our Christian beliefs and faith. In case you haven’t noticed it IS okay to mention other faiths, even in schools and government, but NOT Christian faith. Clubs on our school campuses are okay if they don’t include CHRIST in any manner. Christ is definitely out of the military. Oh yes there still are chaplains but their hands are becoming terribly tied up with the political correctness which is permeating our government and society.

Well I for one intend to stand up for my Christian beliefs and faith. I intend to stand my ground when someone decides Christianity is not allowed. And yes I take a stand about Christmas. I say MERRY CHRISTMAS. If someone greets me with Happy Holidays I ask them to which holiday their referring because the only day I’m celebrating is CHRISTmas.

Now if you read this and you don’t celebrate Christmas please don’t get offended if I still greet you with Merry Christmas. Likewise I won’t get offended if you greet me in another manner. Nor will I stop shopping at your store (if I do anyway) and I won’t stop being your friend. But don’t expect me to greet you differently than what I believe and practice.

Well that’s my take on this. Maybe not eloquently written and certainly a lot of holes could be blown in it. But it’s as I see it. Enjoy the Christmas season. It is a Christian holiday. I do celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior on that day.

Until next time…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
~May God”s blessings shower down on each of you.~


Bow Down

We’re currently living in our rv.  Less than 200 square feet of living space! Some people couldn’t do it, but we find it comfortable and sufficient for us. Okay, when we’re both trying to get in our walking steps it definitely is hard, but otherwise we do just fine.

Yes, things are pared down to a minimum.  Our office supplies fit into a set of plastic drawers to give you an idea of how pared down we are. At home we each have a desk and a printer stand that holds our office supplies. Quite a difference. Clothing is a lot of repeated outfits and frequent laundry sessions, but we do just fine. Electronic devices hold lots of books and weigh so much less than the physical ones, but 2 books for sure always go with us-our personal Bibles. Yes, we have access again to a myraid number of translations, but especially for me, that personal Bible is filled with notes and underlining- things you can’t do in electronic ones as easily.

Where am I going with this one, you might wonder? Christmas decorations in an RV are minimal for the most part. We don’t have room to store a lot, and so decisions are made as to what to take and what not to take.  We have a string of 40 feet of lights, an olive wood nativity scene gotten in Jerusalem when I was much younger, a small porcelain nativity someone gave me long ago, a small lighted tree and two jingle bell door hangers my youngest made in school.

This morning as I was turning on the lights on our little Christmas tree, I noticed that Jesus was in His manger, but Mary and Joseph were bowing down beside Him. Yes, something had knocked them both down, but what went through my head at that moment was there will be a day we will all bow down to Jesus-every person who has ever lived and who is living and all those to come. Believers in Jesus Christ and those who do not believe. We will all bow down at the feet of Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:10-11 so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Just wondering, will you be one of those who willingly bow down or one of those whose heart is not willing to bow down?  It is your choice. I pray that you make the choice to choose Jesus as your Savior. It’s certainly going to make a difference in where you will spend eternity and how you bow down to Jesus Christ.

Have a very blessed Christmas!
Boo and Nick