We are Nick & Maribeth (or Boo) and are blessed to be traveling throughout our great country in our RV.

In 2013, shortly after we were married, God led us to a group called RVICS (Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service). RVICS provides Christian ministries (campgrounds, churches, retreats, schools, etc.) with a project team to serve the ministry per their need. Mostly this entails remodeling, light construction, painting, cleaning and much more. Often we are challenged to go way beyond our abilities. Through this ministry we’ve met wonderful people and developed many friendships.

Intertwined with our travels are the stories of people we’ve met, from the young lady who knelt to pray with us at our restaurant table to the man mourning  the “loss of his daughter” as she moved to another state far away from him. Much of our traveling is about people. Yes we want to share our view of God with people everywhere we travel.

There’s nothing grander to see than majestic mountain peaks, bubbling brooks, tree lined meadows covered in wildflowers, wildlife running in open fields or ocean waves crashing on the shoreline. Let your mind run wild and that’s what we have been privileged to experience.

This blog is intended to share our views. These views will include photos of our beautiful country, the places we travel and work and the interactions with the people we are privileged to meet. More often then not we throw in our thoughts and musings on our walk with Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to drop by anytime, grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair or rocker and enjoy our musings and wanderings.

May you be blessed,
Nick & Boo

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