More Change – For the Better!


It’s a new year!  And I thought the last blogless length of time was too much! Where does the time go? Periodically I have an idea for a post, but then fail to follow through. Hmm! What’s wrong with that picture? I’d have to say that I am just not as inspired or as creative as some of you out there.

Many of you readers (if there are any left) probably are not aware of a change is our lives – our new assignment with RVICS (Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service). We are their ambassadors charged with going out and sharing with others about the RVICS ministry. It has been a wonderful blessing to us, because I was unable to serve the various projects due to health issues. This body just doesn’t perform as it used to. Consequences of genetics and lousy health care on my part. That should probably be not taking care of me. It’s caught up with me!

Since April ambassadorship has been our service to the ministry. It simply means we travel more to visit churches, rv campgrounds (that’s where we stop for the night), craft fairs, rv events, and we talk about RVICS to people. We are able to travel wherever and whenever (unless I have to be back here for doctors’ visits). We have more flexibility to explore this great country of ours and meet new people. Our travel pace is supposed to be much slower now, but we haven’t quite mastered that yet. When we head out again, we’ll start instituting that! I hope!

Change is always challenging for us. We did our first live radio interview in December in Florida with WCNO. Yikes! But it was fun. And then there’s the adjustments to my new health issues and new doctors and tests. Nick has a new, challenging assignment with the ministry in addition to the ambassador position.

We listened to a sermon from Pastor Randy Butler, Salem Evangelical Church, Salem, OR from 2016 yesterday. He said the more challenged we are, the more overwhelmed, the greater dependence on God and the less reliance on ourselves. Just what we are supposed to do-lean on God, seek His will, serve and glorify Him. Proverbs 3:5-6:  Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. (NKJV)

Changes can grow us or defeat us. We can choose to resist them, or we can accept them and work through and with them to grow from them. How do you handle change? Just wondering . . .




11 thoughts on “More Change – For the Better!

  1. So happy that you are leaning on Him and His word! I too, struggle with change, so it’s refreshing to hear from you on your viewpoint!


  2. Love it – glad you’re back at it! ☺

    On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 12:24 PM, Musing & Wandering wrote:

    > Boo posted: ” It’s a new year! And I thought the last blogless length of > time was too much! Where does the time go? Periodically I have an idea for > a post, but then fail to follow through. Hmm! What’s wrong with that > picture? I’d have to say that I am just not” >


  3. Thank you. That was so thoughtful of you! Thank you for the compliments, but it’s totally from God, including the blog. He plants the seeds. The months do fly by, that’s for sure. Thank you for the prayers. We too pray for you.


  4. Always good to hear from you both, doesn’t make any difference if it is annually, monthly or somewhere in between. I know how fast the months go by!😉😉 you are great ambassadors for RVICS. Prayers for your ministry & health as you continue on this journey!!


  5. So good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping up with our irregular posts. I also have had that hit home. So glad for an insightful wife. Nick


  6. It’s good to hear from you again. What you wrote about challenge and being overwhelmed really hit home. Recently I have learned to turn to God when I am feeling overwhelmed and what a difference it makes! God bless you both and keep you safe.


  7. I love catching up with what you are doing and how the Lord is using you! What a fantastic picture included in the blog. Miss your great smile.


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