Half a Year

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since one of us has posted anything to Musing & Wandering! What have we been doing? Where has the time gone? Where have we been?

Returning here for our annual doctors’ visits became a long drawn out affair with surprises along the way. At least for me it would have been better just to avoid the visits. “We need to test further” became a reply we did not want to hear. However, on the upside of that is, “there’s nothing we can do for now. Maybe in a few years.” Nothing too serious and just made me mindful of my body at this age and what goes in. Not consistently, I will admit, but there are long established bodily responses that are hard to change! I’m weak!

We had RV issues as well. Air conditioning issues. Like none! If you’ve been to TX in the late spring, you’ll know that you don’t want air conditioning issues. You want it to work! We found a wonderful RV mobile repair service and learned that our air conditioning unit is all sealed and had to be replaced. And believe it or not, it was still under warranty! How wonderful was that. So dealer approved replacement, and unit is on its way. Unit arrives, but unfortunately is cracked. It’s gotta go back before new one gets sent (guess they wanted to make sure it was really cracked). More wait time. More heat time.

Second new one arrives, and we’re able to load and function in the RV. We’re set to go, and I find out I need to have another test. Can it wait? Because our medications have been sent to MO, thinking we’d be there to pick them up. Yes, but schedule for it. So we head out-finally! It was great to be one the road again.

Did you notice I said “was great?” We had to return to TX for that test. Here we are, back from our 3 week trip-waiting. We managed to visit some of Nick’s family in MO and experience a tornado going away from us and breaking up and flooding in our RV campground. We were high enough not to be impacted by the flood waters, but it was a very noisy night with the raging storm and the movement of people to higher grounds. I will admit I managed to sleep through most of that! And we got to take a train ride-Nick loves trains, especially steam engines.

As part of my doctor’s visits, I am now restricted as to the work I can do on RVICS projects. In order to save my back and delay any spinal surgery, I have to restrict my activities. RVICS was so understanding about this as they have been in the past about my medical limitations. We are no longer leaders, but RVICS Ambassadors! Fancy title for RVICS recruiters. We travel and we seek people who may be interested with serving and present the program to them. What fun for us! We are able to continue to serve the Lord, and travel doing that.

So we are waiting-again. RV needs air conditioning fixed-again. Something is making a terrible noise in it. Praise the Lord, we were not on the road for that, plus the truck got a message saying “You can drive for 200 miles, and then your maximum speed is 5 mph!” Imagine us trying to get anywhere at 5 mph. I looked it up and wagon trains traveled 13-15 miles a day. We’d be the same speed! Again, God had His Hand on us and we were home when this happened. That’s been fixed, by the way.

You’re probably curious about the deer that opens this blog. He’s the newest resident to the RVICS Village. What’s not to love here? Fenced property, minimal traffic, lots of people who don’t chase you, no dogs, beautiful flowers to munch upon along with fig trees and lots of bird seed. Oh, and a water supply in the drainage ditch that doesn’t drain. It’s wonderful here in the Village.

5 thoughts on “Half a Year

  1. Great to hear from you. I am still worlking at Derrel’s 5 or 6 days a week.

    The joy of the Lord is my strength. Pray for you folks every day, May you receive blessings beyond measure!!


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