thumb_IMG_3303_1024Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus from sunny central California! Some may be saying “you’re supposed to be on the east coast.” Yep, that’s what we planned, but the Lord directed us differently. One thing we do plan with a fair amount of success is to be flexible before the Lord. That way we should never go wrong in the direction we head.

We are privileged to be able to rearrange our schedule as needed. When we set out on this adventure in 2013 we had hopes of seeing a great deal of the United States and being able to visit many family and friends. That has been partially successful from our human viewpoint but we also asked God to direct our steps on this path. He has done very well, not a bit surprisingly. He is very good at that if we just allow Him. It’s so hard sometimes to let go and let God, isn’t it?

My sister has been the caregiver for her husband for many years, and this past year she has had some health issues herself and was scheduled for surgery 3 different times. The first two were rescheduled and now we know why. She lost her husband in March after several months of real struggles with his declining health. Had she had the originally scheduled surgery, it would have been far more difficult for her. Not easy by any means, but now she is able to concentrate on her healing and not be focused on caring for him. Of course, he has a new body and no more health issues; standing in the presence of God. Praise His Holy name! So long story short we have been with her in California since early March and will stay until she’s released by the doctors and no longer needs us to help her out. We have felt blessed being here.

Thus our schedule with RVICS and our planned summer vacation time touring New England will have to wait for another time, and that’s okay. As it stands now we will be on three RVICS projects in the fall putting us close enough to my sister should she need us.

So what else is up? We’ve been refocusing our attention on our service to the Lord. RVICS, of course, continues to be our primary service, but we are also looking to expand the scope of service we do for the Lord. Should it be the Lord’s desire then we will see some big changes starting next year. We’ve also been considering our outreach, or sometimes lack of outreach. We started our blogs in 2013 (well, my Musing & Wandering blog started in 2011). Seems each year we’ve changed the name, the focus, the amount of blogs we post, and it simply hasn’t worked all that well. Last year it was decided I should start my Musing & Wandering blog again and refocus on the original intent. I had every intention of writing occasionally. It was very occasional, almost not at all. In the meantime we also tried to maintain “Our Porch Views” (which was a good idea but not nearly as easy to stick to the topic). During the past two years we’ve also tried Facebook and Twitter as an outreach method. That also didn’t do well. So we decided after prayer that we should drop “Our Porch Views” and turn to “Musing & Wandering” as our only blog with the hope that we will be more timely in posting. It also lends itself better (focus wise) to what we’re really doing. We’ve also dropped our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What does that mean? If you were subscribed to “Our Porch Views” you will continue to be subscribed to “Musing & Wandering” and no action required. We would love to see you all subscribe to “Musing & Wandering.” How do you do that? Just click on either of the 2 “Follow” buttons (depending on device) at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts. In the meantime we’ll keep you on our mailing list if you would prefer but by subscribing you’ll be notified first of a new blog post.

We have been trying to reach out to those around us who serve us at places such as restaurants, stores and just those we come in contact with as we are out and about. If you know us, we could not be considered extroverts. We have asked for help from the Lord to speak boldly. Boo was just asked today how her day was going. Her response, “It’s going great. Jesus woke me up this morning.” The young man paused, and said, “you know, I can say the same thing.” That was a bold step for Boo. God is growing us through the Holy Spirit to draw closer to Him.

We thank you for continuing to have an interest in our service to the Lord and our travels. We have been and continue to be blessed by God’s Holy presence and Christ Jesus walking by our side daily. We pray that your life will be touched by the thoughts we write and sights we see along this journey our Lord is directing for us.

I close with this passage from Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (NKJV). We hold to that passage and claim its truth. We know without a doubt that all we accomplish for God is through Christ Jesus our Lord.

We hope to see you on our journeys, but if not we pray and hope to see you in Heaven some glorious day.

Blessings and love in Christ,

Nick & Boo

7 thoughts on “Changes?

  1. So sorry to here of your loss but Heaven’s gain. God always sustains us in the tough times. Will be praying for strength and peace in your time of grief. Thanks for posting my friend.


  2. great to hear from you again.
    My wife Neoma is now with Jesus (as of 12/22/15). The Lord is truly my joy and strength. Pray for you both almost every day. {still not perfect. Derrel’s has been great to me and I am working 5 days most weeks. God is so good!! I am working on being anxious for nothing each day. God bless and keep both of you.


  3. Good to hear from you again! Peace and comfort for you and yours. We also lost my mom in January, but we are all doing well. Closing the gap and loving each other with His help!


  4. Hi Denise. So glad to hear there are some 3cs friends still following along. Hope all is well up in your neck of this great land.


  5. So good to hear from you and read your blog. Have to confess something to you, just about 2 weeks ago I deleted your Musings icon! In my mind, I had forgotten what it was. So will have to get it back on here. Praying for you both as you travel and work for God.


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