Me or Others? Me or God?

This mornings devotionals got me thinking about my priorities. I’ve often thought that I put others before me and a large percentage of time I do. But then I stopped to think, do I do the same in my relationship with God; just most of the time?

“Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” Philippians 2:3

As I read the scripture this morning this verse stood out. I have often been selfish and conceited. I know that my motives towards others are not always pure. I harbor the “what’s in it for me” mentality. I don’t mean to be that way, I don’t think, but it’s sin in me that changes the motive.

As I read further in my devotions I came to the story of the rich man who went away sorrowful from Jesus because he was very rich (Luke 18:18-25). Riches aren’t just financial holdings but all the possessions we have; anything that places me at an advantage over anyone else. Am I willing to give all for God? If I can’t willingly give of myself and my possessions to those around me and truly think of them first, how can I say I willingly do that for Him; for my Savior Jesus Christ?

Our travels take us many places. Boo reaches out; I tend to hold back. In my mind I say she’s getting good at that, and she is. Where’s my giving of myself. By holding back from reaching out to those around me I’m holding back from God. Change is necessary and is happening!

I’ve recently been yearning to draw even closer to God. As I draw closer to Him I find that my longing for my family and friends to be closer to God has increased. For those in my family and circle of friends who don’t have Jesus Christ as their Savior I have a deep desire that they likewise have a relationship with Jesus. I find that my desire now is reaching out to those around me. As the Spirit of God fills more of me it has to flow out to others. I’m praising God for that.

Father God, I pray that I become more willing to put others before me and that I am willing to completely humble myself before You so that others might know Christ through me. -Amen.

Until next time …

~May God’s blessings shower down on each of you~


8 thoughts on “Me or Others? Me or God?

  1. Thank you Suzanne. The walk with our Lord is a joy and our travels are filled with the goodness of our God and we are blessed to be His servants in all that we do.


  2. Although I pray for God to help me help myself (I’m not asking Him to do it all), my most fervent prayers are for those I love and care for to accept Jesus into their hearts. I can guarantee, life on Earth is much easier to get through if Jesus is in your heart and on your side, plus the most important reward is that there is a Heaven and you’ll go there when your time on Earth is over. Your article is beautiful and inspirational, Nick. I pray for you and Boo as you spread the gospel and tell people how wonderful it is to be a believer. Love, Suzanne


  3. Amen Papa Nick! As we draw nearer to Christ Jesus, our desire to be conformed to Him deepens. The pull on our hearts increases… like a magnet. I pray for your strength in drawing nearer to Him, and encourage you to keep growing and sharing. Your heart for Christ, and your sharing, encourage me regularly. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. God speed my friend.


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