Shade, Apples and the Bible

IMG_0219We are currently sitting in a small town in ID. We arrived yesterday and decided to stay here for at least one day, possibly two. There is a lot of shade here, and shade is what we need right now.  We seem to be following/running into/sitting in heat. Hot weather.  Just what we want to avoid! A lot of our nation is experiencing heat right now, so it’s not easy for us to avoid it. We are headed for our next project, which begins in early September, and it’s hot on our journey, plus there are wildfires.

IMG_0221The shade is helpful for the refrigerator which isn’t handling the heat well. Guess it doesn’t like change. WY was cooler – much. The fridge doesn’t maintain coolness when we’re moving either. Hmmm! Nick added a fan to try to circulate cool air, but this heat is certainly not helping. So we seek shaded rv parks, and this one is delightful – Trail Break RV Park in Glenns Ferry, ID. Shade. Great owners. Good location. Clean laundry room. Oh, did I mention the shade? If you camp (rv or tent), this is a lovely location.


Nick and I are dealing with change too. These two Windows die hard fans have acquired Apple computers! Who’d have thought?  My youngest daughter remarked, “You’ve been assimilated by the Borg (gotta be a Star Trek fan to understand that)!” So now the steep learning curves sets in, and we learn. My other daughter was a consultant/teacher on some issues for us, but with the free software we use, we’re pretty much on our own. I’ve downloaded manuals, plus software, and I started to learn, as has Nick. My challenge is to learn the photo program and getting things on the Internet again. Plus graphics. Not too sure about the program for that yet. We thought we could do without a mouse, but I have returned to using one. It’s too hard to let that one go and just use the touchpad.  I’m sure there will be other things I need to use or do just because it’s too hard to change and accomplish my goals at the same time. I have a tendency to fall back on the familiar when hurried or pressured.

I’m sure that once again, you’re thinking, how is she gonna tied this all together? If you’re not, be assured that I am thinking that! Where was I going with this shade and apple thing? I do know that when I’m challenged with change or a less than perfect situation (isn’t that life?), I seek wisdom. Where do you go to seek your wisdom? The Word of God, the Bible, is where I go. All the answers to life’s problems and situations are in it. Open it and see! Even when I’m challenged by a new computer, or the fridge isn’t running correctly. You’re thinking that’s not in the Bible, but if you’re seeking answers to life and its challenges and problems, open a Bible and read.


Boo with Nick

5 thoughts on “Shade, Apples and the Bible

  1. Just saw this one ! Understand about “new” computers, this one is probably a year old and I’m still finding things – like mailed received! Anyway, per usual, another fantastic post – loved it! Prayers continue for your current issue – scheduling for your ERCP and travels to and from. Love you two!

    On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 4:21 PM, Our Porch View wrote:

    > Boo posted: “We are currently sitting in a small town in ID. We arrived > yesterday and decided to stay here for at least one day, possibly two. > There is a lot of shade here, and shade is what we need right now. We seem > to be following/running into/sitting in heat. Hot” >


  2. Please do. We’re thinking dried food only is in our future. Sure hate to give up my ice cream. 🙂


  3. I’m sure you and Nick will both be a wiz on your Apples in no time! Always glad to see a note from you and am praying for you both. Maybe I should add your refrigerator to my prayer list!


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