Pictures and Prayers

We truly haven’t forgotten. It’s been great to be back on the roads again. Pictures went up on Flickr, but I felt I was probably overwhelming you all with so many. I decided to give it a rest. We are currently with family, and it’s wonderful to be able to visit with them.

Response to the Flickr pictures was great, and I’m wondering about that expression “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Let us know what you think – pictures or words. They both tell a story of where we’ve been and where we are. When we are traveling, I’m amazed at the end of the day how many pictures I’ve taken and how many get discarded. My hands aren’t as steady as they used to be I’ve noticed. I enjoy taking them and the memory cards make it so easy to just keep shooting and then deleting.

We have been blessed to encounter some very special people along the way. We stopped in Canon City, CO so Nick could experience a train ride, and I could see the Royal Gorge that I visited (wow, I just did the math) 48 years ago!!

Dinner that night was at Mr. Ed’s Diner. Our server, Cheryl, was outgoing, pleasant, and certainly surprised us. She joined us for our dinner blessing! We’ve had that happen once before, and it was a blessing then and was again this time.

Cheryl knows her customers. A gentleman came in and got seated. Cheryl stopped by our table and asked if we knew the words to “Happy Birthday.” She explained that Rex’s birthday was that day and wondered if we’d help sing the birthday song for him. Of course! She brought Rex over, introduced us, and we sang to him. It certainly touched him. He stayed and visited with us for a bit. He was a commercial pilot for 17 years before back surgeries forced him to retire. Only one other person had acknowledged his birthday with a phone call. Nick and I were glad we were able to contribute to his “day.”

Whenever we dine out, I’ve gotten into the habit of introducing myself and asking our server if they have any prayer request that we can lift during our meal blessing. We have had only two people in all this time who have said no. We have prayed for a baby on the way, whether to quit a job and go to school, for children’s test, for people dealing with cancer, for a mom’s first day back to work and baby at home in the care of someone else, for peace, for a dad and the daughter he raised since she was 4 and moving far away from him and so many other requests. We don’t know how God has answered these prayers, but that’s okay. The reaction and responses we’ve gotten have been such a blessing to us. I thoroughly recommend trying this.

Oh, and I’ve posted more pictures to Flickr.  Take a look and enjoy!

If you haven’t been to our Flickr page recently, or don’t know about it, you can take a peek clicking Gallery on the menu at the top of any page. Sadly, our Flickr site is no longer so photos are also no longer. We hope you enjoyed the post anyway.


Boo with Nick

2 thoughts on “Pictures and Prayers

  1. Follow the pictures. Right now God has us in a holding pattern but we’re ready to move southwest or northwest at a moments notice. In the interim we are enjoying Gods beauty and handiwork all around us in southwest Wyoming.


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