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Our Porch Views

The views have been great from our porch recently. Sometimes we’re inspired and get something right out while other times it takes us forever. Now we throw in our newest twist, I mean website change. We want to share the best of our views with each of you.

We both have enjoyed our blogs posted over the past 2-1/2 years we’ve been together. As time progressed though each blog seemed to be a bit more challenging for us as we tried to update with pictures along the way. It became tedious (mostly because we often don’t have good internet access) and then we slowed down to a crawl in posting.

But now we feel refreshed, renewed and inspired. Last month we bought a very small house in RVICS Village in Texas; our home base. We were both drawn to the house because of the big porch along the entire front of the house, among other things. As we have enjoyed getting settled in we found that wonderful views await us out front. About the same time it dawned on us that the front porch of our trailer offered even more spectacular views. No we don’t actually have a front porch on the trailer but we sure do have quite the view, often.

So, “Our Porch Views” was created. Our intent is not to limit our blog to just the photos we take however. We also want to continue sharing our travels and the work we do with RVICS as we have in the past.

Views are truly more than just visual. For example, we both feel a tremendous burden for the lost. As we’ve read through the Bible, studied and prayed we both feel led to use what has been revealed to us and post those views for all as well. So “Our Porch Views” will include visual as well as thought provoking views. We don’t intend to be preachy, judgemental, opinionated or accusatory. We’ll save that for others. Seems there is plenty of that out on the internet already. We want to share our view of the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We plan to do that from hearts filled with Gods love.

Some may not like our views. That’s okay. We don’t write to offend but to praise our Lord. That is our foremost desire. We hope many will look, read and feel blessed. We hope each one reading this will feel led to share a link to this site with all their friends and family.

Also you must know that in the past we tried to focus our audience to our friends, family and loved ones. We want each of you to visit, read and share via your comments on each blog. But we want to expand way beyond that. We would like each reader to be so blessed by what they see and read that they want to share not only that one blog, but a link to this website. To ensure ease of access there will never be a need to create an account to see and read what we post here. Some of the outside social links we use may require you to do that but that’s beyond our control. You might want to follow “OurPorchViews” on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Boo plans to post photos to those social sites on a regular basis.

If you want to ensure you never miss one of our blogs you can sign up to receive notification via email. Just gives us your email address at the bottom of the page. We’ll never solicit you or share your address.

We truly are blessed in our travels and now feel doubly blessed to have the Lord direct our path to this new blog site. We hope and pray that you will be blessed as well.

Update: Our Porch Views is now merged with Musing ~ Wandering. We hope you continue to enjoy our postings.

In the service of our Lord,
Nick & Boo

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