Every day on this side of the grass is a wonderful day

I’m quite sure I plagiarized that from somebody. I just don’t remember who. But it was a profound enough statement that I’ve started using it on a regular basis.

Sometimes it’s very hard to agree with that statement. When our old (or young) bodies are wracked with pain for example. Or we’ve lost a loved one such as a child or spouse.  Or those times when financially we just don’t see how we can even buy groceries; and who even wants to think about the rent or mortgage payments. I’ve been in each of those situations and most of you reading this probably have been also.

When I’m really down I’ve started thinking about that statement though and start contemplating what makes being on this side of the grass so wonderful “today.” I can name several. I have a wonderful family (sons, grand daughters, brothers, sisters and all the others). I have great friends. I have a roof over my head (wherever I want to move it). I can afford to eat. I have the freedom to go and come as I please (still). What’s not wonderful about that. I’m sure you could also find wonderful things about your “today” if you just think about it.

Well, then I think about the OTHER side of the grass. Wow, let’s jump back to the previous side. Did I mention I can worship any God I want, how I want, when I want? Of course I choose Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. GOD!

Okay maybe you get the picture. But if I’m not on this side of the grass what does that mean. Two simple conclusions. I’m headed to Heaven; I’m headed to Hell. Well actually that process started on this side of the grass as well. How we live our lives will determine what our life will be like on the OTHER side of the grass. If I’ve lived my life for Jesus (and I don’t mean just in words, but a TRUE Christian life), my life is now GREATER. If I haven’t my life is MUCH, MUCH worse. Think about it.

Make sure you’re spending your time on this side of the grass livng for Jesus so that you can have a truly great and wonderful time when you’re “body” is on the OTHER side of the grass.

Until next time…

~May God’s blessings shower down on each of you~


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